Jon James Is Dead

Music // Clutching At Straws (2019)

How We Split The Scene

Jon James Is Dead
J.J. Benson


The pillowcase
The scent of you come ache into my pulse
Good golly, Mol
Miss Mystery
The pushes and the pulls
You had me at the sugar rush
We ditched the spoons and bowls
Had me eating out of your hand
Crush between two souls
I sang of Froot-Loops™ once before
In days of sugar yore
So if you can, come, Toucan Sam
With alms to help the poor
Follow the nose
It always knows sweet kindness to the core
Deep in the gut
Still kickin’ there
A love forevermore
Good gol, Miss Mol
Avocado Moondoll
One sip tasted
Then you breathed it
Was it a clean agreement, hon
Or filthy lucre in the long run?
“I wish you were some money man”
That’s how she spilled the beans
I guess I ain’t worth a shit to her
Unless I got the means
To bring her every trinket ever wanted
In daydreams
I guess a token bloke ain’t enough
How we split the scene