Jon James Is Dead

Music // Clutching At Straws (2019)

Ol' Jailbreak Scat

Jon James Is Dead
J.J. Benson


So sick and tired of keeping all under control
Been many years now since I sold my soul
Pleasantly pleasant—that’s always been the goal
Cavin’ in to the opinion poll

I said I’ll race ya to the watering hole
You’ll never beat me to the punch bowl
Two-bit troubadour livin’ on the public dole
Two shots of anything and a jelly roll

Killin’ my thinkin’
Drinkin’ whiskey, drinkin’ wine
Ol’ jailbreak scat always rule my mind

When I was a babe my daddy brought on a wet nurse
Suspicion he was up to something worse
She weaned me off the breast and introduced me to a curse
Kept a bottle hidden in her purse

So sorry momma ‘bout the leavin’ you behind

A quiet devotee of hidden hope and mirth
Uphill proposition tryin’ to prove my worth
Can’t hardly help it if I’ll never rule the earth
Throw up my hands and praise the virgin birth
A man in bondage always longin’ to be free
Out there somewhere maybe a home for me
Some sleepy hideaway sippin’ afternoon tea
Some misty mountaintop monastery

It’s mostly mundane but the glimpses are divine