Yang Rising

GuzhengMany moons ago, I went to a dance club in Shanghai. It was monstrously loud, and there was a giant bug suspended from the ceiling. Later that night we went to see the house band at the Hilton perform a heavy metal version of John Denver’s Country Roads. Next, of course, we stopped by a brothel, then hitchhiked a ride on the back of some dudes’ motorcycles, peeling through the streets at about 80 mph around 4:00 A.M. What any of that has to do with this particular track is beyond my actual comprehension – the narrative just seemed a little more exciting. In actuality, Yang Rising is a term having to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine, and who wants to hear about that when it comes to electronic music? But there is some guzheng (Chinese zither) herein and I guess that’s out-of-the-ordinary. Okay, off to visit my acupuncturist. We’re sorting out stuff with my liver meridian.