Let me be really honest. Let me preface said honesty by saying honesty is not something I’ve always tended to come by all that… well, honestly.

I don’t mean to suggest I’m an outright liar (although I’m certainly reminded recently…

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Here I am, marking the day of the release of Vairagya by musing about Bob Dylan.

It’s impossible to either estimate or underestimate the impact he’s had on me as a songwriter. There’s nothing inherently special in this; I know…

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Arjuna, In The Rough

Todd also told me this song has a good “drop.” I didn’t know what that was, but apparently it happens at 2:17 in.

Isn’t it fun doing things you don’t even know you’re doing?

As to other things I don’t…

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I probably could have titled this one “The IT Department’s Lament” because I can’t even begin to tell you the technical problems that unfolded while putting this one together. I won’t weary you with the details but if your curiosity…

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What's In The Box?

As I hear told, Pandora opened it, and all the tribulations and miseries of the world fluttered out to afflict humankind.

I’m fairly sure that won’t be happening here but you may have to suffer through what will surely constitute…

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So Good

Sonically, this kind of reminds me (marginally) of Depeche Mode and OMD conceiving a love child on the Pacific Coast Highway, with the sound up and the top down.

But when I close my eyes, I see Charlie’s Angels. No…

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Yang Rising

Many moons ago, I went to a dance club in Shanghai. It was monstrously loud, and there was a giant bug suspended from the ceiling. Later that night we went to see the house band at the Hilton perform a…

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Take One


Here's the first track I recorded for Vairagya. Accordingly, it’s titled Take One.

I really hadn't the faintest idea what I was doing yet. But my sister says this is her favorite on the record; which leads me to…

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But First: How I Lost The Plot

“That said – it’s finally coming. And I’m a-gonna kiss and tell a bit.”

This, said the flirt.

Okay. That album I told you about? The “expansive record documenting said disease and decline”?

It’s called Clutching At Straws. It’s…

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Truth Stranger Than Fiction

For those of you who’ve raised an eyebrow at the whole “Jon James Is Dead” thing –

Well, there’s an Actual Impetus of sorts.

As fortune/misfortune would have it there was, until recently, this other fellow named Jon James…

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Rebranding, Quietly



"The Semi-professional Sideman Formerly Known as Jon James” just didn’t seem to have a sufficiently catchy ring to it.


So I kept the name simpler and opted for a new convoluted symbol instead.


From now on, I’m forcing the newspapers…

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