1. Extra! Extra!

From the recording Clutching At Straws (2019)

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Extra! Extra!

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Extra! Extra!—a dozen for a dimeTalking heads, gasbags—preach the next headlinePanic on the increase; the signal on declineWhat you gonna believe gettin’ harder to defineExposes, disclosures—pic  puppet showLet’s break to check the weather
Partly sunny—politic & crime Frame the spin and stick the pins—it’s voodoo by design Kick ‘em where it counts—nobody toe the holy line Lookie there, new movie star—but how long will you shine? Come and thumb your noses—make the world eat crowConfiscate the blood money—everything they oweUpdate in AlaskaIt’s 31° belowBarrow—northernmost townBarren—white-out all aroundSnow globe—oil beneath the groundChristmas is comingIt’s time for a word from our sponsorExtra! Extra!—a way to pass the timeSix o’ clock supper—soak it all in while you dineTo the easy chair, then—the feet up and reclineFade into indifference—another glass of wineOne more dull day closes—mind growin’ slowAin’t it kinda funny, this—all you’ve come to knowThere goes my man Moses—ducks all in a rowHands full of commandments—tryin’ to stem this flowStop, friend—smell the roses—still a long way to goTo the land of milk & honeyReality show