From the recording Clutching At Straws (2019)

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Haberdashery Soul

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You’ll never know, never knowNever know the feelingYou break ‘em all, break ‘em allBroke me, but I’m healingSlowly now, get reborn, learn to crawlBrand new babyAn invisible phoenix like youFixatedJonny come latelyBut — oh — I ain’t jadedWhen it comes to these mattersWhat matters is heartNo matter mine’s in tattersStill mad about youMad hatter, but I’m dashingHaberdashery SoulSurrender my soul, lost controlWhen her choir began soundingFluttering like a butterfly stutteringWith the kick drum poundingQuickening then, wore me outEvery artery flowed wideAn unreachable phoenix like youFixatedJonny come bowtieThe second you smiled, how the water went wildTorrentialFrom the moment you spoke, how the levy done brokeReverentialOnce he’s facing a wave of divinityHow does a man stop that?An impossible phoenix like youFixatedJonny come tophat
But — oh — I ain’t fadin’ I’ve been riding the rhymes Of a mercury buzzClimbing the rungs of her ladderIf only becauseMad hatter for the fashionMad hat, peculiar passion