1. Heat

From the recording Clutching At Straws (2019)

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Crash into this apartmentOn the Northeast endSleepless between cold sheetsThinkin' of ladyfriendTrains and trucks always haulin'Horns and whistles blowI touched her faceAnd viciously everything came aglowHeatCan you feel it rise?Wanted the violent raptureOr so I used to thinkShe turn me on so much moreWith just a subtle winkSo long the night seemed brokenBut then she made it mendDon't know what I was smokin'But felt it all ascendI tell you mistress, you're some lookerPulse is poundin' in this pressure cookerMuscle, tenderizingBuzzsaw, all this courtship hustleGoddamn deep you cut me womanHopefulYeah, I got a coat fullSo, mistressDo you want to buy a watchFrom Mr. Petty Crime?I hear he lives underwaterEnjoys doin' the timeGot dunked in her aquariumBreathed in and took a drinkGracefully inkedSome skin was paleSome of the other, pink