From the recording Clutching At Straws (2019)

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How We Split The Scene

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The pillowcase The scent of you come ache into my pulse Good golly, Mol Miss Mystery The pushes and the pulls You had me at the sugar rush We ditched the spoons and bowls Had me eating out of your hand Crush between two souls I sang of Froot-Loops™ once beforeIn days of sugar yoreSo if you can, come, Toucan SamWith alms to help the poorFollow the noseIt always knows sweet kindness to the coreDeep in the gutStill kickin’ thereA love forevermoreGood gol, Miss MolAvocado MoondollOne sip tastedBuzz-bombedWastedThen you breathed itWas it a clean agreement, honOr filthy lucre in the long run?“I wish you were some money man”That’s how she spilled the beansI guess I ain’t worth a shit to herUnless I got the meansTo bring her every trinket ever wantedIn daydreamsI guess a token bloke ain’t enoughHow we split the scene