1. Love Showing

From the recording Clutching At Straws (2019)

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Love Showing

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Build things, tear things downEconomy and ivory towerScrape skies with tall talesLiars in spiresSeats of powerBrother off his brotherDestroyBoomBuild anotherWhat is man here to do but loveAnd be merry in the knowing?Love showing
Bilderbergs wear the crownIlluminatiI heard you been reckless with our heartsNaughty landlordsCrooked menBinge, my Lord, I’m all inPurge, my Lord, I’m crawlin’She fit me like a gloveAnd she was glowingLove showingSaw how all was oneThere was a garden thereAnd it was growingAnd God was with us, wheezing‘Cuz the allergy had become seasonalGot reasons for believingMother Nature ain’t no high treason, girlAll the sameAll sufferBut there’s a balm to buffer