From the recording Clutching At Straws (2019)

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Sad Solo Violin

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She grew up in the depressionWhile her momma was bathin’ in the bathtub ginTryin’ to guess when the next axe was gonna fallWalkin’ on needles and pinsShut off her facial expressionNot a hint of emotion, no kissin’ kinNo rest, weary, hit the wailing wallPraying for some light within
She dream sometime of a wedding gownAll the loneliness wearin’ thinBut nobody likes no Debbie DownerSad solo violinSome days feel light as a featherMost days are heavy as a Mickey FinnShe dress to the nines but don’t care at allStranger in her own skinChange her mind like the weatherAnd today a big hurricane’s blowin’ inWaves crest, pull back the wrecking ballKnock it down, build it up againShe dream sometime of a victory crownWhat it might feel like to winBut nobody likes no Debbie DownerSad solo violin
Well, here come the old brass knuckleTime to take another one on the chinShe confess there’s feelings that she can recallAin’t hardly worth rememberin’Will she bend, yeah, will she buckle?Will she end up in the looney bin?Cuckoo’s nest, locked up in a padded stall?Dancin’ with her evil twin?
She dream sometime she’s the talk of the townNot a wannabe has-beenBut nobody likes no Debbie DownerSad solo violin
She dreams sometime she can turn it aroundBut she don’t know where to beginNoboby likes no Debbie DownerSad solo violin