1. Sailor's Son

From the recording Clutching At Straws (2019)

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Sailor's Son

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Was a bun from a broken ovenSon of a gun, too down for lovin'Labor painsOut of the womb, sold into slaveryMatter of fact, no knack for braveryLazy brainsMust admit misfit to mingleDragged to the dock, locked upIn jingle-jangle chainsPacked onto a ship gone sailin'Declared a prayer for all my failin'All my stainsBut I ain't got no complaintsI'm like a monkey man, strandedAin't no sight of dry landLet the waves alone decideNo tide to wash me shore sideThe ship done flippedThe junk got dunkedWhole damn trip defunctHere I amOne lonesome punk with no catamaranOut here swearingLike a sailor's sonAdmiral of a one man navyMaster of a steadfast maybeVacillateAnd all's quiet on the oceanSave for the din of dumb emotionI flirt with fateRectify my name ConfuciusLucifer, I heard you're ruthlessFloat and waitJesus Christ, I'm shark baitTwice as many transgressions as vicesA reprobateHow do you make the crooked straight?AwashCapsizingMaroonedIs it surprising?There ain't no disguisingSad-faced clown busted all his balloonsGuess I'll be out here a spellBetter find a cheap hotelJezebelHey now, Ahab, what's it to you?I just do how my daddy doAnd I do it wellHitch a ride on a leisure linerOr take an easy swim to ChinaCall my bluffSudden squall, the walls are cavin'Second rate mate, ain't worth savin'And that truth is toughI ain't never been smart enoughLonesome boy from IllinoisThat's the real McCoyAnd there ain't no seaJust a river in meAnd some misty historyTwisted heart on hobbled kneePullin' hard for victorySo here I am, deliverin' my pleaWith a whisperMy fair liver, she's a-failin'Firewater needs a-bailin'Lovely ladies all a-wailin'When they finally drive the nail inSuit and tie will come in handyAnd I'll don 'em like a dandyCall the tailorCrack the brandyHave one for the sailorSailor's son