From the recording Au Contraire (2010)


Listen up schoolboys and fancy lassesWhen it comes to my sense of humorSlower than molassesLet's dispel all the vicious rumorWell, I've tried to resist all the twists and turnsAll the usual diminishing returnsGravity no longer concerns meFlyin' outta here in a hurry
Just an idiot stiffOn a one way trip to a dead endBurned out starSo don't flip me no looksI won't give you no lipJust a blip on your radarWell, your beauty pageant, I won't win itAin't never been that sophisticatedThey say a sucker born every minuteA sitting duck easily persuadedBeen tryin' to tweak all the gears and springsAll the black magic behind angels' wingsRopes, pulleys and yo-yo stringsI'm flyin' outta here in a hurryShangri-laEvery day another tired clicheDerelictOutta die anywaysLet's separate affliction from the factsC'mon killerThrill me on impactI got one in chamber and one in the clipJust a dimwit slob on an inside jobTo a neat, clean suicide rideYes, I areGonna make it real quickBetter hope I don't slip