From the recording Au Contraire (2010)


Tiny little babies since the day that we're bornBroken world is heavingHeaping on it's scornClumsy little fingersTryin' to make their way through the black & white traffic lightsDyin' to find what's trueI'm a blind navigatorStone deaf diplomatUnrefinedThrowin' one linersAll of 'em fallin' flatThought I saw the futureAn infernal brilliant blastTryin' to fathom all the falloutLooked a whole lot like the pastEvery foolish thing I've saidStupid things I still couldDon't even scratch the surface of how much I've misunderstoodPaved it all with good intentionBut the road to hell is crudePrayer and confession: bring me strength and gratitudeEveryday I live only to die a little moreDon't go a-worryin' 'bout me, ladyGot all my aimless plans in storeFix your heart upon the childrenIt's them I worry most aboutThe fall of Rome is comin'They're gonna have to learn to doWithoutToday I couldn't wake upPull myself from bedRain clouds in the atticA thunderstorm aheadThey say you gotta be tenaciousPull your boots up by the strapsBent my body overFelt the blood rushThought I might collapse