1. Ball 101

From the recording Pathos (2021)

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Ball 101

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I ain’t conceited but I do love a good conceit
Yes, I’ve been unseated, kicked in the teeth for washin’ feet
Under duress, unzip the dress, unholy heat
A true believer in the halls of an empty theater
Throwin’ a ball

I’ve been deleted like a Rose by name of Pete
Took a gamble, Charlie Hustle, athlete
Handshake with Athena, bettin’ my own deceit
A true believe in the hall of fame defeat

Blind old bird out on a limb spyin’ out the next transaction
Morsel or a meal, and it’s a bum deal, I tell ya
Don’t go writin’ notes, long letters, love explanations
Stick to the stock quotations; say a prayer to the proper platitudes

Game undefeated, I ain’t over ‘til I’m beat
Stiff competition, take my mission to the street
Go make a mess of a lucky guess, ain’t victory sweet?
Winner, cheater, or the pawn of the great deceiver

Lone rider, out a whim, upset apple cart abstractions
Wrong place at the wrong gong, come down to bad timin’ I tell ya
Don’t wind up down at the kissin’ booth, bat pointed at the bleachers brazen
Full of prim discrimination, sayin’ prayer to the proper platitudes

In the moonlight new sensation
It’s the great American romance
Don’t ever, ever