From the recording Pathos (2021)

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Sweet Strychnine

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I been a man on a mission, bae, but with a lack of vision
I had a heart attack late one spring, I had to make some decision
A bent politician for hire, you set my pants on fire
I speak in golden gospel truth, milk and honey
But I’m also a liar

God, you got a lotta nerve
Bring me a woman make me serve
You bring me some peaches and cream unkind
She blow a kiss almighty
Bring me some peace of mind, Aphrodite
She took me to the river
She shook and made me shiver
Got me takin’ up snakes and lethal wine
Sweet strychnine
Sweet, strict

There you were on a beam of light, and girl you flirt so dirty
Wrapped my arms ‘round your injured charms with all my insecurity
A basket case with a heartbeat wild, a wreck unreconciled
Call me a man and a golden god, milk and honey
But I’m also a child

God, you got a lotta gall
Bring me a ladder, make me fall
Into the deepness, black, blue and blind
She like a river come rushin’
She like a fever dream, and blushin’
Nibble on the apple
Trip into the chapel
Zealot out of his ever-lovin’ mind

Do we end it with a little death, or with a fatal blow?
Or sink our teeth into the tender flesh of a soft hello?