1. Fool's Gold

From the recording Pathos (2021)

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Fool's Gold

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’49 and once upon a time, in days of trust
Traveled westward to a riverbed, just for the rush

Put my faith in The Fool, face of gold masked as miracle
Basked in the romance of a token, albeit broken

What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, a selfless start
Make a mess and leave it all behind, a selfish heart

There’s gold in the name of our god’s love, spoken plain
Bloodlust in the veins of our token, cracked and broken

I went to gamble on some bad luck, I’ll tell you when and where
I’ll tell you just how I got stuck, dancin’ the tango, endless tangle

Cage of kindness, rage and blindness falls upon our hours
Never mind about the double bind, just shut my mouth

Pathological pulse, that’s how god’s love gets the results
Pitter patter the pain, pour down thunder, pull you under