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Ode to Mary Ainsworth

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Sounds from the belly of the valley of the hungry ghosts
Said we were into it – the intimate thing

Words, lotta words
And couldn’t we both rattle ‘em off?

Eyes, windows, introduction to the ocean
Sure saw some trenches there, didn’t we, henchwomen?
Good golly Miss Kali
She sure love to volley

Yes, you were a part of it
And goddamn, I was as well
Holy, holy hell

Hell’s bells from the towers of the pinnacle of power play
Playmates, my friends

Did someone swallow the key
Or lock the door to the killing floor?
Waterboardin’ in the house of the lord

And it’s all my fault

Except for that part about your primal yearning, Hercules
You ain’t know the difference between your enlightened monks and your frightened monkeys
On his back junkie, I ain’t never seen a one

But I sure seen the likes of both of us, all of us
Holy moly hell

How he tries
The fortresses of fear
And solitude
What’s your function, dysfunctional junction?