• 6-song EP, recorded at home during pandemic lockdown. An exploration of the Bardos, and other transitional conditions.

Sort of. Not really. But that sounds more exotic than "neurotic."

(Otherwise, word on the street is it's, "very cinematic.")

Tic, tic, tic.

Release: August 11, 2021  

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  •  Ambitious in scope yet intimately confiding, Clutching At Straws is a wide-angle glimpse into both the light and the shadow of human attachments.

Clutching At Straws
Released: January 4, 2019



  •  When a quixotic rock-n-roll guitar player lays his tender fingers on some woozy loops and seasick beats, this accidental brainchild gets conjured.

Two parts sheer exuberance, one part pure evil.

Released: Dec 8, 2018 

Here's a review, left recently at CD Baby

Vairāgya Is A Fantastic Electronica Joyride

Vairagya is a refreshing and well-orchestrated soiree of electronic splendor. While a wholly unique and daring sidestep from his usual fare, and this being his maiden odyssey into the genre, J.J. Benson brings an astute and a well-seasoned understanding to the medium. The album opens up “full throttle” with high energy, then quickly settles into a “night on the town, cruising the city and checking out the clubs” vibe. Variety is quite prevalent. From the upbeat and melodic “So Good”, to the dank and dirty groove of “Derailleur,” the beats and melodies will both delight and haunt you. Then this fabulous journey settles into the “comfy chair” with interspersed chill gems such as “What’s In The Box”, “Transfiguration”, and “Pincushion”. The collection bookends on a positive high-note-pick-me-up with “Wild Turkey (Shot In The Spleen)”. In a market which seems to exponentially believe more is better, Vairagya stands ingeniously firm on the line of just enough vs. too much with a clean, well-balanced array of electronic music. Showing true songwriting prowess, Mr. Benson successfully demonstrates a gift for crossing musical genre boundaries and delivers a very admiringly beautiful album. I have no issues with giving this 5 stars. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.



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